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About Oorskot

Oorskotwyn is a collection of premium unlabelled wines that are sourced directly from wineries in the Cape Winelands. Local is lekker! When wineries have bottled more wine than they can sell, only have a small batch available or an export order has been cancelled, we come into play. Why pay extra for expensive labels and brand names? Each one of our wines have been tasted and approved by our tasting panel - we have a selection of top-quality, bakgat wines. Wyn-koop was nog nooit so maklik (en so lekker) nie We also offer a personalised labelling service where you have the option to provide us with your label or work alongside our design team to create your own unique label. Perfect for weddings, functions, or corporate events & gifts. All wines are sold in 6 bottle cases

Personalised labels

Create your own label for your wedding, function, guesthouse gifts, or corporate gifts.
You choose the wines you want and we collaborate to design the perfect label. We then print & plak your labels and deliver the whole bunch to your door. There is a minimum order of 10 cases and a fixed charge for the design. Contact us below for more information. *wine labels for personal use only - not for reselling purposes*
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Contact Us

While we’re good with smoke signals or a message in a bottle (ja selfs ‘n posduif ) there are simpler ways for you to get in touch.
Our address
21 Kingfisher Park The Interchange Somerset West 7135
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Open hours
Monday to Friday 8.30 AM — 5:00 PM