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Premium unlabelled wine delivered to your door. 

Free delivery anywhere in South Africa on orders over R 2500*

About Oorskot

Oorskotwyn is a collection of premium unlabelled wines that are sourced directly from wineries in the Cape Winelands. Local is lekker!

So why Oorskotwyn? The name originated in the days of Lockdown, when Estates couldn’t sell their wine and had so much wine in the cellar that they didn’t have room for new vintages. We then decided to continue with unlabeled wine. The name remained 🍷😉
Each one of our wines have been tasted and approved by our tasting panel – we have a selection of top-quality, bakgat wines.

Wyn-koop was nog nooit so maklik (en so lekker) nie

All wines are sold in 6 bottle cases

Personalised Labels

You choose the wines you want and
we collaborate to design the perfect label.

We then print & plak your labels and
deliver the whole bunch to your door.

Create your own label for your wedding, function,
guesthouse gifts, or corporate gifts.

There is a minimum order of 10 cases and
a fixed charge for the design.

Reasons we will win you over

Contact Us

While we’re good with smoke signals or a message in a bottle (ja selfs ‘n posduif ) there are simpler ways for you to get in touch.

Aspiring Logistics,
Saxenburg Park, 1,
37 Muscat Rd, Rustdal, 
Cape Town, 7580

Office Address:
Trident Park 1,
1 Niblick Way,
Somerset West, 7129

Open hours:
Monday to Friday 8.30 AM — 5:00 PM

Liquor license : WCP 043435

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